Our Story

The Elixr OF LIFE

Elixr was founded by Richard Chew in 2002, but his passion and dedication for fitness started much earlier. Richard joined the fitness industry in the eastern suburbs in 1979. He owned Heathland Fitness Centre, now known as Fitness First. In the 80’s, Richard represented Australia in Karate as a competitor and coach. In the 90’s he was a Head Coach in Competitive Aerobics which resulted in numerous Australian’s becoming world champions.

Elixr is a family-run business and maintains its strong foundations of making a positive difference in people’s lives – body, mind and spirit. These origins are woven through all we do, as we approach our day with respect, integrity, care and excellence.

Elixr is a peaceful place to come and energise your body, calm your mind and lift your spirit. The tranquil ambience and beauty of Elixr, combined with the experience and commitment of our highly qualified instructors and teachers, make Elixr a truly unique sanctuary.

Word from the founder

After travelling to the USA and seeing the benefits of Reformer Pilates, I wanted to bring the innovative concept of group Reformer Pilates to Australia as it didn’t exist here yet. Having taught karate, a highly technical art form, to over a hundred students in a class, I understood what it took to bring this goal to life.

I was told that Pilates can’t be taught in a group setting. I saw this as a challenge and pioneered group reformer classes in Australia.

I strongly believe that every class should be safe, effective, efficient and fun. I knew that the key was to ensure that Elixr instructors were trained to a high standard with the same principles so that our instructors were teaching Pilates consistently. This led to the creation of the Elixr School of Pilates.

Elixr has continued to stand out with its spa-like ambience, specialised mind body programs, and science-based exercise programs. Our members continue to benefit from our safe and effective programs after more than 21 years.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Elixr community.