Our Team


We’re proud to have such a highly skilled, caring, and positive team of teachers, instructors, admin and membership staff. Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence underpin how we interact with our members and community.


Our talented managers, most of whom have been with Elixr for over a decade, shape the Elixr experience. They oversee their teams to ensure we deliver the highest quality across all aspects of your club experience.


Our Pilates instructors are all top graduates from the Elixr School of Pilates. They set the industry standard in excellence and will keep you motivated with their attentive approach, individual style and engaging class designs, across six different types of Pilates.


Many of our yoga teachers have lived and trained in India and have taught yoga for over 15 years. Catering for all levels, across 9 different types of yoga, our dedicated team will guide you in your yoga practice safely in a tranquil environment.


Our highly qualified fitness instructors bring a wealth of experience and their unique style to inspire and challenge you to reach your fitness goals! They will prioritise your safety as they guide you through interactive workouts that are as challenging as they are fun. You will be hooked!


Personal Trainers

Our highly skilled trainers will assess your needs, help you set targets, design a personalised program, and inspire you to achieve the health and fitness results you desire. Our amazing team consists of a unique group of trainers so you can find the right match for you!


Elixr Swim School has been teaching people of all ages, fitness levels and experience to swim, for over 15 years. Our qualified swim instructors will guide you through our established swim programs that emphasise confidence, individual progression and above all, safety.


Our qualified education team are highly trained in the modalities of Yoga and Pilates. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our teacher training courses and will support you through your learning journey.


As an industry leader in holistic health and fitness for over 21 years, Elixr proudly sets the industry standard in excellence. Join the team and start your journey with us today.