5 Great Reasons To Work Out With Friends

If you don’t already have a training partner, here are five reasons to seriously consider finding one.

1. You’ll have all the motivation you need to get up on those cold, dark winter mornings. Because no-one wants to be ‘that’ person, the one who leaves their workout buddy training solo.

2. Like most things in life, exercise is better together. Between encouraging, motivating and pushing one another to succeed, time will fly by!

3. It’s more enjoyable working towards a common goal. Not to mention celebrating with your partner when you achieve it!

4. You’ll feel braver. Which means you’ll be more likely to try a new class – and stick to it. Research shows more than 40% of people who start a fitness course on their own drop out soon after they start. If they start it with a friend however, the dropout rate decreases to just 6%.

5. Science suggests that you’ll push yourself harder. According to a UK study that looked into the exercise behaviour of women, they found that ”64% of women who train with their best friends were more likely to push their workouts to the limit than those who exercised on their own.”

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