5 New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

How many times have you made New Year’s resolutions that fizzled out by February? You’re not alone. According to finder.com.au, in 2015, 58% of Australians broke their resolutions. The answer? Set goals that are realistic and that won’t require you to reinvent your life to achieve them, starting with this one:

Resolution #1
Say goodbye to being hard on yourself…
… and hello to being kind to yourself

Make 2017 the year you stop being so tough on yourself. Nobody’s perfect. Not your family, your partner or your BFF. We all make mistakes – it’s what makes us human – and it’s time we threw out the negative, embraced the positive, and practised being tender-hearted towards ourselves. How? By focusing on our good qualities and remembering all the times we’ve got it right.

Resolution #2
Say goodbye to unachievable goals…
… and hello to becoming more active

Hands up everyone who’s ever tried to stick to an exercise routine – and failed. One of the reasons so many us of miss the mark is that we set unrealistic goals. Like trying to run 21 km by February when we aren’t even hitting 10 km, or attempting to lose 10 kg in five weeks. Instead of setting the bar way beyond your reach, challenge yourself to try new classes, create new exercise habits and above all, have fun! Did you know that Elixr has over 300 Pilates, yoga and fitness classes to choose from each week? Take a look at our timetable to plan your next move.

Resolution #3
Say goodbye to eating less of the wrong things…
… and hello to eating more of the right things

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but if you’re struggling to find the joy, try focusing on the healthy, whole foods you should be eating instead of worrying about those foods you should be avoiding. Hint: Plan your menu in advance. This will allow you to shop ahead of time, so you’re never left with an empty fridge and having to opt for unhealthy takeaways.

Resolution #4
Say goodbye to doing it all…
… and hello to doing the things that really matter

There are 24 hours in a day and research shows you should be asleep for around eight of them. That means you have 16 hours left to get everything done. Rather than spreading yourself too thin by trying to be everything to everyone, take a careful look at your life and decide what’s really important. Then, prioritise the things that matter most and focus on doing them to the best of your ability.

Resolution #5
Say goodbye to going it alone…
… and hello to training with a friend

Watching a movie, walking on the beach, going to a concert… it’s always more enjoyable doing these things with someone else. And the same is true when it comes to exercise. Besides having more fun, you’ll also find that you’re more committed (it’s tough hitting that snooze button when you know there’s someone waiting for you) and that you’ll challenge each other to push your limits. So, find a friend you can brainstorm your fitness goals with, then go out and smash them! If you’re already an Elixr member, why not share your sanctuary and refer a friend?