6 Reasons We Don’t Have A Waitlist

Parents often ask to be put on a waitlist for our swim school and are usually surprised when we tell them we don’t have one. Rest assured, it’s not because we’re trying to make their lives difficult. After testing both options (waitlist vs. no waitlist), we’re convinced that the latter enables us to provide the best possible customer service.

Here’s why:
1. Elixr Swim School has 750 students! And while we love that we’re making a difference in so many lives, our size (we’re bigger than a lot of primary schools) means that there’s a huge amount of juggling that goes on to accommodate our students. Now imagine adding a waitlist to that…

2. Our waitlist, when we had one, had over 300 names on it! As our swim school is 99% full, we rarely had the opportunity to offer anyone a space, which, unsurprisingly, led to many frustrated customers.

3. Waitlist requests can change from one month or season to the next – your child may turn a year older, their swim level may improve, or their extra-curricular timetable may change – meaning your original request can very quickly become invalid.

4. Our Deck Support staff are constantly making adjustments to our internal schedule to ensure the best-case scenario for all students. As these changes would need to take priority over a waitlist, it makes it increasingly difficult to accommodate students waiting for a specific slot.

5. In line with industry norms, our teaching staff includes a number of casual staff. As most of these are university students who, from time to time, are required to change shifts to accommodate their studies, teacher-dependent waitlist requests are almost impossible to fulfil.

6. To ensure that parents are never at risk of losing their preferred class, our direct debit system automatically re-enrols children at the end of each lesson cycle. This means that we are unable to predict cancellations or movement in our class lists.

So, how can you secure a spot with us?
Our advice: Be nicely persistent! Chat to our office staff about your requirements, then call back regularly to see whether a space has opened up.