7 reasons to explore our Yoga Teacher Training

You have a passion for yoga and want to deepen your practice. So what’s the next step? A training course designed not only to teach you the asana (poses) but to introduce meditation, pranayama (energy breathing techniques), Bandha (stabilising body locks) and philosophy to help you bring harmony into your life – and into the lives of others.

Not sure if yoga teacher training is for you? Here are seven reasons why you should explore this Elixr School of Yoga course.

1. You want to take your practice to the next level
Over the duration of the yoga teacher training course, we build a deep knowledge and respect for the practice. As you immerse yourself, you’ll discover more about the asana, the philosophy that can change lives, meditation to calm the mind, energy, the importance of the breath and much more.

2. You’re ‘over’ your day job
Many students who do yoga teacher training find that it’s time for a new career path, one where they can teach and give back to others. For other students, they find that their current careers are revitalised through the personal growth and learning that comes with yoga training. You never know which group you’ll be in until the end of the course.

3. You feel the need for change
It may be time to change your relationship with the world. The study of philosophy allows us to explore our attitudes and minds. Do we react in patterns? How do these patterns affect our relationships with others and the world? Pranayama and meditation are methods to change the inner self through energy and stillness. The physical practice helps to ease aches of the body and grounds us, realigning energy to bring physical wellbeing.

4. You want to add new skills to your repertoire
It could be learning the techniques of handstand or accessing that pose you’ve been wanting to do, learning meditation skills to calm the busy mind or pranayama to correct energy flows. Develop skills that aid you in the world: discipline, perseverance, patience, acceptance and the ability to honestly see and accept who you are. These are all attributes of a yoga teacher, and they come with practice.

5. You want better health and a greater sense of wellbeing
As you learn more about your body and mind, you establish better balance and health. The yoga practices will become lifelong friends and lead to a healthier and more productive life.

6. You’d like to find stillness
Create space, stillness and silence – not only for you but also for others. As your meditation practice grows, so will your ability to sit with the world and stay centred. You don’t need any meditation experience, just the willingness to learn.

7. You want to empower yourself
In one of the most loved yoga texts, the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to his disciple Arjuna, “I have taught you this thing called Yoga, now it is up to you.” Use the training to help you take charge of your life and move in the direction you want to go.


Yoga Teacher Training FAQs
Here are answers to three of the most common questions I’m asked by those interested in yoga teacher training.

1. Am I ready?
This question often comes up when you have a desire to deepen your practice but the idea of doing a yoga course makes you hesitate – either because you feel “your practice is not good enough” or “now isn’t the best time”. The Yoga Sutras (one of the seminal yoga texts) starts with “Now is the teaching of Yoga.” In other words, NOW is the time. Let your enthusiasm become a passion to transform within and without. The perfect circumstances will never arrive; passion is in the moment, not in the future.

2. Is this the right environment for me?
The training helps create a like-minded community to support the change and growth you desire. It is easier to change with others supporting you. Many students from previous courses keep in touch with each other and myself. The shared experience bonds people in a way that creates friendships.

3. Why a 200-hour course?
This course is a foundation for lifelong learning. We designed it to give you time to absorb, and more importantly, practice the methods and techniques to facilitate growth and knowledge. The time frame allows you to assimilate the information and take ownership of it. The week gap between classes allows you to absorb, practice and rest before the next evolution.

Now is the time
Want to know more about the Elixr School of Yoga Teacher Training course? Find all the details and booking information today.