A Chat With Sophie Morgan: The Australian Ballet

Sophie Morgan, corps de ballet member at The Australian Ballet is an avid visitor at Elixr during the company’s Sydney seasons. Thanks to the wonderful partnership between Elixr and The Australian Ballet, the dancers and staff are able to stay fit and healthy when touring to Sydney.

During these unprecedented times, Sophie has remained active by taking daily ballet class from home, and enjoying her own personal fitness. Sophie is a passionate, young and emerging artist with the company, and has given us a little bit of insight into her life. Without no further ado, Sophie, take the floor…


In three words how would you describe yourself?

Organised, empathetic, observant.


When did you know you wanted to be a professional ballet dancer?

It was never a question for me – I needed to be. I absolutely fell in love with the music and the feeling of performing.


What has been your favourite production to perform and why?

My first season with the company dancing as a swan in Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake. Tchaikovsky’s incredible score and the Murphy’s beautiful choreography – the perfect combination of self expression, freedom and movement.


What inspires you?

My grandma and her love of music, tennis players – particularly Roger Federer, and seeing artists/performers have complete freedom on stage.


As dancers are so reliant on the studio and stage, how have you adjusted to working from home?

Luckily for the dancers at The Australian Ballet, an online ballet class is provided to us each day. I thankfully have a big enough space in my living room to dance in and all the classes have been modified to fit the limited space we have. It does get tricky as we have to keep lots of the steps on the spot and occasionally I have kicked my couch and other objects during class along with some technical difficulties but it’s all part of the experience and I’ll be so grateful when we can be back in the studio!


As you are not performing, have you incorporated any other activities, or exercise into your regime?

I have really enjoyed going for lots of long walks and having the time to explore new areas in my neighbourhood. I usually start my day with a pilates session, take part in online ballet class followed by some extra technique coaching. I then go for a long walk to get fresh air and clear my mind. If the weather is not so great, I’ve been doing HIIT workouts or going up and down the stairs in my apartment block until I can’t take another step!


When you’re not dancing, you are…?

Meditating, baking, swimming in the ocean with friends or teaching ballet to the next generation.


What are your top tips for staying healthy?

A daily dose of sunshine, endorphins and connection with others. Getting the right amount of sleep and enjoying nutritious meals that are right for you. Balance is key and we are all unique so it’s not a ‘one size fits all’!


Who is your favourite Elixr instructor?

I can’t choose! I love all the pilates instructors as they know how to motivate and work you hard in a safe environment. But if I had to pick an instructor, Katrina is one of my favourites.


What is the first thing you are going to do when we get out of isolation?

Visit my family in Sydney and fly to Auckland to see my boyfriend.