A Minute of Movement for Your Working Day


Movement is important in maintaining mobility in your body. Working behind a desk all day can compromise this and sitting, typing and using your mouse repeatedly can cause long-term damage to your body. In an effort to combat this, we’ve created a minute of movement which you can do at your desk – and it won’t draw too much attention from your boss! Give these easy stretches a go and feel the difference.

Wrist rolls
Start by gently rolling your wrists in both directions, then give them a stretch in a flexed position; this opposes the extended position they’re often in when you’re typing or texting.

Spinal rotation and movement
For this movement, be sure to keep your pelvis stable and gently rotate through the thoracic spine from one side to the other. Following on from that, keep your bottom pressed evenly into your chair and reach down through one arm towards the floor. Repeat on the other side, making sure not to move your pelvis.

Neck stretch
Hold on to the side of your chair with your left hand and tilt your head to the right, then repeat on the other side. This is a great release for those often overworked neck muscles.

Shoulder and chest stretches
Finally, reach behind your chair with both hands and clasp them if you can, or hold on to the bottom of your chair and open up through the front of your shoulders and chest.

Remember to take frequent breaks away from your desk; get up and walk around or grab a cup of tea or glass of water. These little breaks combined with our minute of movement will have your body feeling better each day.