A Passion For Pilates: Rachel Crompton

Prior to training as a Pilates Instructor, Rachel Crompton had a dance career which took her from The Queensland Ballet and Darc Swan Arts Council Tours all the way to the Moulin Rouge in Paris. After many fulfilling years as a dancer it was time to move on.

Discovering Pilates

I was doing Pilates at my local gym and totally fell in love with it. I felt it gave my muscles and body a similar work out to dance. In 2002 I studied my Certificate III and IV in Fitness, and then went on to complete my full Pilates Instructor certification. Elixr was one of the first Pilates clubs in Sydney and I have been privileged to teach here for the past 15 years. We continue to evolve the Elixr Pilates style with updated scientific research, so as an Instructor, I have never stopped learning and will never stop taking courses.

Making A Positive Difference

I love the buzz you get from teaching classes. It is so rewarding making a positive difference to people’s lives. I also equally enjoy the satisfaction of having private clients as I have met some incredibly successful people I would never usually meet. I have grown great friendships with many of them.

Keeping People Motivated

Discipline, hard work, passion, and the ability to ‘see’ the body and to correct it – to see where people hold tension, which muscles are weak, what parts of the body need mobility or stability. Teaching a class is in many ways like a performance. You have to bring a certain amount of performance energy to your presentation. You have to correctly program the class, keep people interested and motivated and make them want to stay till the end.

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