Benefits of Pilates Mat

What Is Pilates Mat?

Pilates Mat is a practice focused on improving coordination, strength, balance, and posture through a targeted series of full-body exercises. Pilates Mat specifically focuses on using body weight to build resistance and tension, targeting many different muscle groups. Elixr Pilates Mat is suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners as each exercise can be tailored to an individual’s fitness and flexibility level. Elixr Pilates Mat classes are led by our team of highly experienced and qualified instructors to ensure you safely get the most out of your workout.

Benefits of Elixr Pilates Mat

Improved Flexibility – Pilates Mat works on gently and effectively lengthening muscles through dynamic stretching and lengthening movements. The exercises involved in class, strengthen, and help ease tight muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce tension throughout the body.

Muscle toning – Pilates Mat is well-known as a powerful way to fire up your core, but it also targets the entire body. Each exercise calls on multiple muscles, ensuring you’ll target and tone muscles from head to toe in each workout.

Increased Mind-Body Connection – Pilates is known as a workout that connects the mind, body, and soul. With a focus on breathwork, centring, and concentration, Pilates Mat is more than just a physical challenge. By integrating breath work and body awareness, Pilates Mat will help you feel aligned, rejuvenated, and connected.

Improved Posture – Pilates Mat integrates functional movements that work the muscles in unison to improve posture and promote efficient movement.

Elixr Mat Classes Cover the Basics – Through our Pilates Mat classes, you’ll learn the foundational Pilates movements, terms, and techniques. From c-curve to pelvic stability to spinal articulation to breath work to engage your core, you’ll learn all the Pilates fundamentals to build a strong foundation for future workouts.

Mat Skills Translate to Equipment Skills – Our Elixr Pilates instructors agree that Mat translates directly to equipment performance, meaning you’ll have an easier time transitioning to Reformer Pilates.

Reduced Stress – Feeling overwhelmed and flustered? Get out of your head and onto the mat. By focusing intently on each move, your breath, and your intention, Pilates Mat is an amazing way to step aside from anything that is stressing you out and help you realign your thoughts.

Pilates Mat Tips for Beginners

Pilates Mat classes are an ideal option for beginners. If you are new to the practice of Pilates, here are some tips for your first Pilates Mat class:

  • Take your time
  • Focus on engaging your core with every movement
  • Focus on your breath
  • Follow modifications as needed
  • Focus on controlled, deliberate movements
  • Enjoy the learning process, have fun, and keep practising

Elixr Pilates Mat classes are a fun and nurturing way to get a full-body workout. Bring a friend along for free and book into one of the below classes!

On the timetable

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