Body Mechanics To Improve Movement

Have you tried Body Mechanics at Elixr? This dual-focus class uses current exercise science to improve movement patterns to benefit everyday life and athleticism alike. We use mobility and stability exercises to encourage robust full-range movement of the shoulders and hips, and selected core stability exercises to strengthen the torso in all three dimensions.

Here’s what Elixr member Rina Miller has to say about her Body Mechanics experience:

“After a Body Mechanics class, I feel exhilarated and have such a great sense of achievement.

I have been an Elixr member since December 2015 and have enjoyed all the classes I’ve attended. I especially enjoy the GRC and attend the classes two or three times a week after work. When Karl introduced a Body Mechanics Pilates class on a Wednesday evening, I decided to go along. Although similar to his regular class, in Body Mechanics we learn the finer points of GRC – and my strength has increased tremendously.

I always remember to grip and breathe before pulling on the straps during many of the exercises. As Karl explains:

GRIP = Use of grip strength to provide shoulder girdle stability and movement power prior to moving.

BREATHE = Use of the first part of the exhale to pre-stiffen the core prior to moving.

I have learnt to isolate certain muscles and use the necessary ones wisely, which means they are being used correctly. I enjoy using the stretch bands as they help accentuate the movements.

My range of motion has increased in my ankles and hips. This is really important to me as I am a senior person who wants and needs to stay strong and healthy and prevent falls. My arms have gained significant strength too and I am able to do more than I could imagine myself doing previously, like planks!”

Karl Price is a Pilates instructor at Elixr and the creator of Body Mechanics. If you want to try a Body Mechanic class, check out our timetable.