Briefcases to Balance: Katrina’s Journey

Meet Katrina, Elixr Pilates Instructor of 8 years, and Elixr School of Pilates Teacher Trainer.

Katrina’s story is a living testament to the power of transformation with Pilates. With 15 years of corporate success under her belt, it wasn’t easy to redefine norms and take a leap of faith to start a career in Pilates.

Shifting from the world of PR to Pilates, Katrina was concerned if Pilates could be a dream job, that financially met her personal needs and goals.

“Figuring out if I could live on Pilates… paying the bills and having a life with travel was important to me.” – Katrina.

Fast forward, Katrina has balanced bills with travel, and her Pilates journey continues. Not only is Katrina teaching Pilates and exploring the world…  she is also empowering others to embrace their passions as an Teacher Trainer at Elixr School of Pilates, where she nurtures the dreams of aspiring instructors.

As part of Elixr’s team, Katrina joins the Elixr family and community of members who participate in over 150 Pilates classes a week.

Katrina’s journey is a testament to what is possible with Pilates. Ready to exchange briefcases for balance too?

Elixr School of Pilates is the home for aspiring Pilates instructors. Our qualified instructors have taught over 35,000 classes and individual sessions to more than 400,000 participants since 2022.

Make the leap, join Katrina and the Elixr team as a certified Pilates instructor. Call our team today and start the journey now.

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Katrina Ward

Katrina danced from age 5 but turned down a professional dance career for university. She tried Pilates to help with an injury and was immediately hooked. After living in London, Katrina came home and studied with the Elixr School of Pilates. In 2015, she quit her corporate career to teach Pilates. Katrina is also an Elixr School of Pilates Teacher Trainer.