Chew On It: A Year To Reflect


It has been the strangest year. It started with all the usual anticipation of what a year could bring, then it came to a shuttering halt in March. We Australians are fortunate that our federal and states government did admirably in managing the pandemic and keeping us safe.

It has been a year to reflect and reset life’s priorities. As usual we take for granted the privileges that we have in a first world country such as freedom of travel, dining out, catching up at cafes, touching door handles, pressing buttons… We now relish the joy of being able to do all the usual things without the concern of the virus, except for overseas travel but hopefully that will change in the months after the vaccine becomes available worldwide.

This year has been difficult for many of us. As Maya Angelou has wisely stated: “I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.” Everyone is doing their best, even though at times it may not be enough. A little bit of understanding and patience on our part will only steer our lives onto a more harmonious path. Too often we are quick to blame others for our grievances. I believe the key to a peaceful life is taking responsibility to manage the circumstances and plan for future avoidance.

Hopefully this festive season, we will meet up with many family members and friends. Having lost too many family and friends, I no longer take for granted the time I am able to enjoy with them. Sometimes I wish I was able to go back in time to enjoy moments and conversations with my parents, brother and my favourite daughter. Usually when you wish for something, you already know in reality it is just a fantasy. So, I have made up a fantasy time travel – I imagine I have returned to the present from the future. It helps me appreciate the people I have in my life today.

My simple philosophy for harmony is to engage more with people I enjoy spending time with and if I can’t improve relationships with certain people, I reflect to make sure I am not the problem.

We are able to direct our path towards a harmonious life of our choosing. We deserve the consequences of our actions and words, good or bad.



I just realised that I have owned Elixr longer than I had Healthland. I am greatly appreciative of the many members and team who were at Healthland and are continuing to support us here.

Thank you to all of our wonderful members and staff as Elixr heads toward its 19th anniversary. Together, we have created a very special sanctuary.