Chew On It – Dealing with adversity

I have been very open and personal with the ramblings on my blog, and this has resulted in many members feeling comfortable speaking to me about their personal struggles. In fact, I can’t remember having an in-depth conversation with anyone who doesn’t have life challenges to deal with. It seems to be the norm these days.

However, what really matters is how we deal with these challenges. A victim mentality (why me?) only intensifies the challenge by adding self-pity to the mix. It’s okay to take a moment to feel sorry for yourself, but it’s important to snap out of it and take on the responsibility of managing the challenge.

Adversities are a part of life. When they happen, you have to take a step back and accept them, without blaming yourself or anyone else. And then you have to resolve or manage them as quickly and as wisely as possible.

I’ve learnt that you don’t have to do this by yourself. I migrated to Sydney at the tender age of 11 and learned to survive in a totally foreign environment, and as a result, my survival instinct has developed quite well. But I have also discovered that it’s much easier when you seek help from people who are able to support you.

As I have experienced a few traumas in the past few years, I have been seeing a wonderful psychologist who has been making a positive difference in my life. She has tutored me on how the mind works and showed me effective methods to alter my mindset.

On the flip side, I’ve also experienced several counsellors who have been ineffective, and have realised that it’s incredibly important to find the right person to speak to – one who you connect with and who has the ability to help you.

If you want to improve your mindset, seek help but don’t stop until you find the right person for you. It’s wonderful when you can clear your mind of negative thoughts – your world becomes brighter and far more enjoyable.

My recommendations

It takes years to accumulate a team of people that you can trust to get a job done proficiently and charge fairly. Allow me to save you some heartache with my team of trusted people who have looked after me for years:

Audio Video & Security: Quinton, 0411 730 000
Plumber: Bernie, 0411 844 409
Carpenter: Daryl, 0415 378 412
Joinery: Joe, 0414 559 183
Builder: Bill, 0418 466 215
Harvey Norman – Moore Park: Gladys, 0415 666 300

Dining out
On to my favourite subject: food. I am always on the lookout for great food that is simple and tasty. Creative food goes over my head and confuses my taste buds.

Osteria Riva: right here in Bondi Junction but you’d think you were in Bologna
Hawker Malaysian in Chinatown: real Malaysian street food
Superbowl in Chinatown: my regular weekend comfort food of congee
Pomodoro Pizza in Balmain
Hurricanes in Bondi Beach
Benjarong in Bondi Junction: for authentic Thai
Longrain: exceptional modern Thai
Billy Kwong in Potts Point: sensational modern Chinese.