Chew On It: March Edition

Group Award

Ladies and gentlemen, the award goes to… our Aqua Class members! Most of their ages range from the 60s to the 90s, and in the face of Covid they have been regularly attending the aqua classes since we reopened in June 2020.

Individual Award

This award goes to Martine Allars, our yoga manager. Martine has had two kidney transplants, and despite a weakened immune system she has been teaching her classes consistently with great courage. Martine will be getting her vaccination in the early phase, and will do an overnight stay to ensure there are no complications.


The pandemic has encouraged me to reset my priorities, making me realise the importance of my family and friends.

Life is full of joy interlaced with adversities. While we are in the midst of difficult times it is important to continue to see the many positives of the present plus the bright and wonderful future ahead. We Sydneysiders have been most fortunate with our government doing an amazing job in keeping us safe. Most of the world is in a far more challenging position than we are.

My role at Elixr

Prior to last year, I was already planning my transition from managing Elixr to a life of leisure. The pandemic has confirmed my desire and I am no longer involved in day-to-day management of Elixr. It is now in the highly competent hands of my niece Sue-Anne Chew.

Sue-Anne was the Marketing Director of UNSW for over ten years and she was the youngest in a director position when she started. Sue Anne has been a regular at my fitness clubs ever since she was a teenager, and she understands the fitness business well. In reality she has the ability to manage the business far better than I ever could.

Oh! I do have a new role at Elixr – Social Director.


The hot topic at the moment is the vaccination to lessen the effect or prevent COVID, yet there are many people who are opposed to it.

Historically, vaccinations have eradicated numerous diseases for the benefit of we humans, I fail to grasp the reasons of anti-vaxxers and their need to protest against it when they are not forced to vaccinate. Regardless, herd immunity will sort that out when the high majority of people are vaccinated.


Being considerate creates far more harmony for ourselves and benefits our community.

Just a few examples of being considerate:

At Elixr: not using the mobile phone in the exercise areas, putting equipment away after use, not grunting and groaning while lifting weights, not dropping dumbbells or the weight stack, cleaning equipment after use (I have to say the pandemic has been most beneficial in this situation).

At restaurants: not talking loudly into the phone, playing games or video on the phone with the volume on (I have an antidote when parents let their children play games loudly – playing crass rap music on my phone).

My opinions

Just a reminder that whatever I spew out of my head vacillates between fact and ignorance. Also, my bad sense of humour is often not well received. Like the other day when I said to lady in the lift with a cute little dog, “they are my favourite dogs, they are yummy!