Chew on It – Now Change!

I hear a lot of talk about growth, but see so little action. Knowing what to do in order to grow is the easy part. It’s the doing that requires constant diligence and application. In many ways, growth is similar to getting fit: it takes a huge amount of effort to build the habit and if you don’t keep working at it, you soon lose it.

While most people realise their shortcomings, they do very little to correct them. If on the other hand you don’t know what your shortcomings are, leave it up to friends and family to tell you. They always do. And that’s the truth.

Once you’ve accepted your weaknesses, the next step is working to make the change. Unfortunately, change is NOT a switch you can simply flip and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. I constantly have to remind myself that “Overnight success takes years” – something anyone who has taken steps to achieve their goals will understand.

I’m pleased to say that I’m quite different to the person I was 10 years ago and very different to the one I was of 20 years ago. I believe that I now have my ego and greed under control and am far more empathetic than before. I’m also working towards being more tolerant and accepting of people’s inconsiderate behaviour with the help of my wonderful counsellor, Anna Bradshaw.

To those people who feel they are lost, I would say this: My experiences tell me that it’s important to define who you want be rather than trying to find yourself. You also need to realise your life’s purpose, to create meaning for your life.

I am fortunate that one of my major life purposes found me. And while it initially centered on fitness, I have since realized that it encompasses body, mind and spirit. It’s the reason the passionate and dedicated staff at Elixr provide exercises for the body, and education and inspiration for the mind – to allow our spirit to thrive.