Chew On It: Thoughts From My Fragmented Mind

Bits & Pieces

Coming towards the end of the year, again, here are some thoughts from my fragmented mind.

Family Time

The end of the year is traditionally the time for family and friends to get together. A good mindset leading towards it will be appreciated by you, plus your family and friends.

Be grateful for the precious moments that you can share with your loved ones as there is no forever. I have my fantasy game of “Back from the Future,” in which I imagine I have returned from the future, where I can engage with older family and friends that may not be in my future. Or you may not be in their future.

Generously express your love, affection, and appreciation to all your dear family and friends, as the future is so unpredictable. Regardless, your family and friends would certainly love hearing it.

Present a tribute to family members during celebrations such as milestone birthdays. I am forever grateful; I expressed my love and appreciation to my brother at his 70th as the following year he was severely struck down by a massive stroke. I am also pleased that I confessed to him that I did a very naughty thing during a family gathering, relatively harmless but the occasion’s enjoyment was enhanced.

Make today the good old days of the future.

Joy & Pleasure

I absolutely love eating out and let me share a list of my favourite go-to restaurants. Fine dining does not appeal to me but great tasting food. Just google them for their address.

Eastern Suburbs: Bondi Junction; Bo Larn Thai, Osteria Riva Italian, Rosso Pomodoro Pizza, Luckin Chinese. Bondi Beach; Hurricanes & Macelleria Steakhouse

Past Anzac Parade: Bouillon L’Entrecote – French, CBD, Le Coq Rotisserie French – Rozelle, Full Elephant Thai-Marrickville, Super Bowl Chinese – Chinatown, for my comfort food of congee every weekend, The Eight – Chinatown for the best Yum Cha,

My absolute favourite cuisine is Malaysian, which is a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian. There is no tastier or greater variety. For Malaysian food, there is no border as I would willingly travel for it:

Nanyang – Chinatown & Marrickville, Malay Chinese for the laksa – Hunter St, CBD, Small Chilli & Ipoh Dynasty – Campsie, Unique Patisserie – Blue Mountains for the amazing Assam Laksa


Tanning Lotion

Went into a departmental store in Las Vegas to purchase self-tanning lotion for a friend and was being served by a black American lady. I asked if the lotion is any good and she promptly applied some to her skin to show me the effect.

I burst out laughing!

Hot Legs

In the 90s when I was coaching competitive aerobics, I went into a fabric store in LA looking for fancy lycra material for the athletes. In those days I used to wear running shorts and as I was being served by a South American guy, he commented, “Wow, you have hot legs.”

I have had comments of muscular or strong legs before but never hot. I promptly mentioned that I am from Australia and was heading home that night and he said, “So dinner is out of the question?”

Recommendations – Tradesmen

It is difficult to find good tradesmen who also charge reasonably.

The following that I call upon regularly for Elixr and my home, I usually don’t even ask for a quote before a job as I know I can trust them.

Builder; Bill Shepherd 0418 466 215

Electrician, Brad Coulston 0408 022 433

Plumber; Bernie 0411 844 409 & Hugo Avenal 0410 152 520

Painter; Winston 0411 742 914

AV & Security; Quinton Montegue-Church – 0411 730 000

Cars Mobile Cleaning; Jan of Wow Wash 1 300 300 456