Chew On It: Tough Times – Flexible Strong Mind

Tough Times – Flexible Strong Mind is Needed
We are living in tough times… but bear in mind that like everything, it will pass.

I am going to share my thoughts with you on how to survive and thrive through this difficult period. Some people find reasons to stress – I look for reasons to not stress.

We are in the second year of this pandemic. But remember people lived through World War 1 (that lasted 4 years) and World War 2 (6 years) with devastating consequences. The Spanish flu in 1918 went on for 2 years, killing close to 100 million people.

We are not in a world war that would decimate people and infrastructure, and we are in a far better situation with current medicine technology. It doesn’t make it easy, but it helps to realise we are in a much much better position than previous generations.

Positive Mind
You can develop a positive mind by focusing on what is good rather than what is bad. Keep reminding yourself to do it until it becomes habitual.

You can keep yourself safe. There are vaccinations to protect you and our government is providing funds to assist.

Again, bear in mind these difficult times will pass. Meanwhile, do things that this opportunity allows you to do. You have time at home to do what you have been putting off. Go for walks with friends and family, and stay connected via facetime and phone calls.

If you need support in any way, seek out family and friends to assist. You are not bothering them. You enjoy helping loved ones, and they feel the same about you.

Lower your expectations and then you won’t be disappointed. By imagining the worst-case scenario and working on how to respond, you can lessen your vulnerability.

Remember to enjoy the most out of this. It is not all doom and gloom – there is an abundance of joy, so long as you are proactive in seeking it out.

One day we’ll look back at these strange times.

See you in a few weeks…