Chew On It: Welcome Back

Welcome Back

No doubt 2020 will be a year that we’ll always remember. Sadly, some will not survive the pandemic, some will come through scarred, and some will come out stronger.

A common question I get asked about the pandemic is “How are you coping?” The fact is, having experienced many personal tragedies and great adversities, I view this period as a glitch in our lifetime and as long as we survive, we will have opportunities to thrive again.

Personally, during the lockdown it was peaceful having no business to manage, but challenging in preparing to re-open. Now, I have to be smart, resilient and resourceful in navigating through this period of rebuilding.

The behind the scenes work has been astronomical – having to adjust to guidelines especially as they are constantly changing. Fortunately, we have an amazing team of people. My niece, Sue-Anne Chew is at the helm managing the business brilliantly. She is supported by Rachel – Pilates, Martine – Yoga, Imran – Fitness, Louise and Andrew – Bondi Managers, and Jessica – Bligh St Manager. There are of course many other staff members who stepped up to assist and were prepared to do whatever it took to rebuild our little community.

Island Sanctuary

We are most fortunate that our government has done a superb job in keeping us safe and providing financial support in this difficult time. Don’t take the financial support for granted as it is not an entitlement.

Many do not realise how privileged we are to live in a prosperous first world country that actually looks after its citizens. Having travelled extensively and witnessed living conditions in numerous countries, we live in paradise.


Each time I experience major life challenges, it spurs me to reassess my priorities and how I would like to live the balance of an unpredictable life. I am aware life is full of joy and beauty interlaced with adversities, hence I actively seek joy and pleasure with family and friends.

Last year I lost my brother to a major stroke. As our father also shared the same fate, I was motivated to alter my lifestyle to a much healthier one as I have the desire to delay death. I never thought that I would enjoy salads or rediscover my long-lost discipline to workout regularly. It is amazing how we can create new habits when the desire and commitment is there.

The key to creating a new habit is to break up the main goal into many little achievable goals. Each little success is encouraging, and it will motivate you to continue your quest.

Having been in business now for over 45 years (it started with me teaching at my karate school when I was 15 and then a serendipitous entry into the fitness world at 21) I decided to ease off my work commitment last year. However the current challenge hauled me back when we went into lockdown in March.

My role now is mainly directive in nature. It encompasses new and advancement of our exercise programs, development of the facility, and enjoying interactions with members and staff.

I don’t believe I will ever fully retire as I absolutely love my involvement at Elixr but I am no longer active in the day to day operations of Elixr.

I look forward to at least two more decades in the fitness industry.