Chew On This with Sue-Anne

Five years ago I joined the family business as the General Manager at Elixr. Since then, I have met many members from the Elixr community who have all supported us during Sydney’s very interesting recent years.

I have been involved in every aspect of Elixr and have enjoyed transitioning from working in large corporate companies to a family-owned business.

My first memories of spending time in a gym are from when I was 9 years old. At the very first Healthland gym in Bondi Junction, I watched my father and uncle – Richard Chew (founder of Elixr) – teach aerobics in the 80s. Since then, the fitness industry has come so far and I’m thrilled to show first-time visitors our unique Elixr sanctuary.

Why create Chew On This?

My uncle Richard has been asking me for a while to contribute to the monthly newsletter. Since the most popular articles are Richard’s philosophical musings in Chew On It and food recipes, I decided to pen Chew On This. The column features some of our favourite places to eat. Elixr members will receive special offers from many local businesses, often owned by other Elixr members.

Our first two recommendations are below. I hope you enjoy this regular column and find some “nuggets” to choose from!



Iku Wholefoods

Elixr members are invited to experience Iku Wholefood’s home-delivered Ready Meals with 20% off your first online order. Use code “NATURALLY” at www.eatiku.com.au at check out.

In the Elixr April newsletter we interviewed Kendall, the owner of Iku Wholefoods and an Elixr member for 20 years. Kendall sent a grateful Elixr team a huge box of their Ready Meals and desserts. So many Elixr team members were impressed with the dishes that we are going to put in a group order shortly!

Personally, I have three words for you: amazing Vegan Lasagne! Iku is known for amazing vegan food that you wouldn’t guess is vegan and their Spinach & Eggplant Lasagne is a great example. The layering of braised spinach and eggplant looked and tasted divine whilst the miso and onion bechamel sauce was so indulgent. At a 445gm serving size it was filling, nutritious and a flavour bomb. It’s going to be my next go-to ready meal and at $11.95 a portion it’s such great value. Imagine how long it would take to construct that masterpiece!

The other standout was the Iku Cacao Cocoa Sago Cup. It made me reminisce about my childhood go-to Crème Caramel dessert, but with a much more sophisticated style. The cocoa sauce spread across a textural heavenly cup of flavours. It was so satisfying and even better … the small pot hid a deceptively large portion, making me so happy that night.


20% off your first online order with code “NATURALLY” or grab Iku discount cards at Elixr reception to visit Iku 25 Martin Place and get $5 off your meal.


TaTa Ta Pizza

Elixr members are invited to experience Ta Ta Ta gourmet Roman pizza with 10% off your bill in April and May. Show your Elixr membership tag or app before you order.

When I heard that a fancy new pizza-by-the-slice joint was opening I knew I had to try their pizza. I’ve just come back from a trip to Sicily enjoying marvellous Italian cuisine and I can tell you that Ta Ta Ta’s pizza would be up there with the best of the meals I had on that trip! In fact, Richard bought an oven pizza stone just to reheat Ta Ta Ta’s pizzas!

Shlomi, the owner of Ta Ta Ta, was previously the Executive Pastry Chef at Park Hyatt, worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, and was recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. He kindly catered his scrumptious pizza one evening for Elixr members and for an Elixr team meeting. I overheard members saying they’d come back after their workout. Minutes later, I saw some of them sneaking back saying they couldn’t resist sampling a slice now! Perhaps this is a symbiotic match for the two businesses – eat Ta Ta Ta pizza always do Elixr classes!

The dough base is just gorgeous – medium thickness with a lot of texture and just enough chewiness. My personal favourites are the mouth-watering Mushrooms Bianca Pizza (white base featuring multiple varieties of fungi) and the Roman Salami Pizza. You also shouldn’t miss out on Shlomi’s delicate but mouth-filling Tiramisu in a jar.


10 Gray St Bondi Junction 

(02) 8542 1726

Show your Elixr membership tag or app for 10% off before you order. 


In case you visit Sicily, don’t miss the  Michelin-rated restaurant Osteria Expanificio in Agrigento. It was the culinary highlight of my trip and had the most wonderful service and restaurant fit out.

I look forward to sharing more Chew On This experiences and offers in the next Elixr newsletter. I’d also love to hear any of your own food recommendations, so please feel free to pass them on to me.

Bon Appétit!