Combat Overeating With Acupressure

With so much delicious food being served up at Christmas time, it’s almost impossible not to overindulge at least once or twice. Fortunately, there’s help at hand thanks to acupressure, a form of massage based on a system of meridians also used in acupuncture. So, when you do find yourself overeating or overindulging this festive season (and you will), try stimulating the following acupressure point:

Meridian point Stomach 36 (ST36), is found on the front of the leg below the knee, three finger widths down from the outer knee eye. Applying firm pressure to this meridian point for one minute will help strengthen digestion, reduce indigestion, abdominal pain and bloating, alleviate hiccups, and regulate the bowels.

Here are a few other ways you can help your digestive system over the festive season:

• Eat slowly – chew each mouthful thoroughly and savour the flavour!
• On the day of a big meal, try to eat three normal-sized meals rather than saving up for one massive feast.
• After a large meal, take a 10-minute stroll.
• While you’re walking, do 100 belly rubs in a clockwise direction.
• Drink at least one glass of water for each glass of alcohol consumed.

Jinny Koh is an experienced acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and holds a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She specialises in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy and treats a broad range of conditions from stress, digestive problems, and chronic pain to sports injuries and musculoskeletal issues. If you’d like to book a session with Jinny, please contact her on 0405 699 382 or therapist.jinny@elixr.com.au