Elixr Nutrition: Metascan Test

What is a Metascan?

A Metascan is a highly scientific, body cell and composition analysis tool. Body fat, muscle and fluid levels are calculated with ideal range comparisons. Areas of concern are quickly identified, and important issues are then addressed with targeted changes to diet and lifestyle. This extensive report provides key benchmarks to assist in improving and monitoring your wellbeing. It is a great tool to address tailored nutrition and health advice ensuring you achieve your targeted goals.


How does it work?

The test takes only a few minutes to perform. It involves sending a small AC current through the body via 4 electrodes connected to the hand and foot. The current is much too small to feel or cause any harm.


The test provides information regarding:

1. Cellular health
2. Toxicity levels
3. Body fat
4. Body water content
5. Intra cellular fluid
6. Extra cellular fluid
7. Specific daily requirements of water, calories, protein fat and carbohydrates


Who needs it?

Those who wish to manage their weight, increase their muscle mass, lose, or gain fat mass, improve energy levels, protect their health, support nutrition and body health and keep track of their progress.


What will you receive?

You will receive a customised report with individual health goals and specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations. I also offer ongoing monitoring of your program.


The cost?

$70 including GST


To make an appointment, contact Mogestri on 0414 650 515.
Mogestri Pather BHSc (Comp Med) Adv Dip App Sc (Nutr)