Get To Know Mel: Elixr Pilates Instructor

We all know her as one of our amazing long-term Pilates instructors. Read on as you may discover things you never knew about Mel!


Where were you before you entered the Pilates world?

Before becoming a Pilates instructor, I was a dancer pretty much from when I could walk.


How long have you been practicing Pilates for and how has it impacted your health?

I started doing Pilates when I was dancing professionally probably over 20 years now and teaching for 13 years. It had a great impact on my rehabilitation from injuries and now I love how strong I feel with the physical demands of two young kids – that’s a great help!


What drew you towards Pilates and teaching Pilates?

During my professional dancer days, I had a few knee surgeries and Pilates was a big part of my rehabilitation. Pilates allowed me to continue to dance and when it was time to hang up my dance shoes I really enjoyed the process of studying to become a Pilates instructor.


What style of dance did you study and what are some things you achieved in your dance career?

I studied all types of dance growing up including tap, ballet and jazz. I went into musical theatre and travelled Australia with different productions. I did an Australian tour with Barry Humphries which was a hoot – it was so fun to be on stage with Dame Edna – you just didn’t know what was going to happen every show! Another great experience was filming Moulin Rouge. I was one of the Can Can dancers in the film and found it fascinating to see Baz Luhrmann in action and absolutely loved wearing Catherine Martin’s incredible costumes.


What do you love most about teaching at Elixr?

I really enjoy teaching the members at Elixr. They come to class ready to work. It’s fantastic to see how much the members have achieved over the years with their hard work and dedication.


What can members expect from your class?

I aim for my class to be a full body workout and I try to keep my class interesting and challenging with a strong focus on good technique. I’m big on cues – I love seeing a member get it and what needs to be stabilised and what’s being mobilised – then I know they are getting the most out of the exercise. It’s very satisfying as a teacher!


What are some things you love to do in your free time when you’re not teaching Pilates?

When I’m not teaching I’m with my kids and love to watch my son’s soccer games, and my daughter and I both share a love of movie marathons! I also love visiting family and friends in Melbourne so keeping my fingers crossed that we can visit in the not-too-distant future!


What’s one thing that may surprise us about you?

I love watching the AFL but I suppose that’s not a surprise after growing up in Melbourne!