Healthy Habits For Life 12 week program with Elixr Nutritionist Mogestri Pather

We are very excited to be launching a new 12 week program for members in conjunction with our In-House Nutritionist, Mogestri Pather BHSc (Comp Med), Adv Dip App Sc (Nutr).

Get in the best shape of your life for the rest of your life with Elixr’s Healthy Habits for Life 12 Week Program.

Make 2021 your year to improve your health and get the body you have always wanted without embarking on restrictive diets. Expand your energy and feel amazing in your body.

The Benefits:

  • Achieve your ideal weight, build strength, have more energy – whatever your wellness goals, we will help you achieve it.
  • Small habits, tremendous results – adopt positive habits to disrupt old ones that will last a lifetime.
  • Nutrition guidance and support – tailored nutrition to help you achieve your goals based on your unique genetic blueprint, your lifestyle and needs.
  • Work from the inside out – balance your cellular and microbiome health so your wellness goals are finally attainable.
  • Learn which foods and supplements work best for you and your unique body.
  • Identify triggers that may sabotage your success.

The finer details:

For a one-off cost of $595 (valued at over $1000) you will receive:

  • An online health appraisal questionnaire to identify current systemic imbalances.
  • 1 x 60-minute consultation which includes: analysis of a food and mood diary, discussion of current goals, a bioimpedance body analysis to assess current health status including current and recommended levels of fat mass, muscle mass and cellular hydration.
  • 6×30 minute weekly focused coaching sessions with personalized weekly action items. All consultations include bioimpedance analysis to help keep you motivated.
  • 5×30 minute fortnightly consultations to ensure your goals are well on the way to being achieved.

All consultations will include tailored nutrition advice based on your unique metabolic type and a review of your progress, providing ongoing personalised support and important guidance to achieve your goals.

Make a sustainable difference to your life – Book now with Mogestri Pather at nutrition@elixr.com.au