How Combined Therapy Cocktail™ changed my life

I struggled for many years with anxiety, attention deficit disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a number of other issues, and had been on the look-out for something to heal these symptoms for as long as I could remember.

In my mid-20s I was told that I should go on to medication for ADD, but I knew it wasn’t the answer – there had to be a better way. I tried many different things and found that yoga and proper nutrition helped tremendously. However, I still felt I was losing my power to the labels of anxiety, ADD, etc. They had become my identity and I had spent so much time and energy trying to find ways to fix my symptoms.

I discovered CTC when I met a friend for lunch and noticed that she seemed different – relaxed, calm and glowing. She told me about her experience with Combined Therapy Cocktail™ (CTC) and how it had changed her life. I was instantly intrigued and booked a session to see for myself.

After my session, I immediately noticed that something had shifted – I felt lighter, more present, and like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Since discovering CTC, I no longer suffer from long term anxiety, bouts of depression or ADD. I’m able to concentrate and my memory has improved. And I feel confident and empowered to be the best version of myself.

I’m now a CTC Master Therapist and help others to let go of the things holding them back. It’s been phenomenal to see clients change after each session, and I feel blessed to help them on their way to living a life they love.

About Combined Therapy Cocktail™

CTC is a life transforming therapy that uses a number of modalities but not limited to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Hypnosis, Timeline therapy and Reiki, which when combined in the perfect order allows healing on all levels. It’s about freeing you of all that holds you back, bringing back your energy, sprit and power. CTC targets the root causes of issues like phobias, addictions and limiting beliefs.
This personalized session (2-2.5 hours) leaves you feeling free of old emotional issues, leaves you feeling lighter, more empowered, more motivated, more certain of your direction and better able to deal with all situations. CTC is designed to help create change in your life and live the best version of yourself.

CTC is helpful in treating:
Fears and phobias
Limiting beliefs
Negative emotions
Eating disorders
And much more

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Zelma will be offering sessions at Elixr Bondi Junction from July 13. The first five people to book will save $95 off complete 2 hour CTC treatment (valued at $495). For more info and to book a session:

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