Instructor Profile: Sam Harhagelis

Pilates instructor Sam Harhagelis started her love affair with the discipline in 2012 after trying her first reformer class while on holiday in the Bahamas. She signed up as an Elixr member on her return to Sydney and hasn’t looked back! Find out more about her journey right here…

First thing you do in the morning?

I kick-start my metabolism by eating a good breakfast as soon as I wake up, followed by a strong coffee (double shot piccolo!) for those very early mornings.

Your favourite healthy breakfast? 

I’m loving breakfast bowls/salads at the moment – a good mix of greens, egg for protein and anything with avocado is always a great idea (good fats). I love Nelson Road Tuckshop after classes at Bondi Junction – their avocado smash is so good!

Why did you decide to complete the ESOP course?

Aside from being absolutely addicted to Pilates, I wanted to learn and understand how to strengthen the body while maintaining correct postural alignment, and how to engage and strengthen the core. Throughout my Pilates journey, I have felt energised, strong and empowered. I did the teacher training to inspire others to feel the same way.

What makes your classes unique?

My classes provide a challenging full-body workout. They are high intensity with a focus on core strength, as well as fast paced and with quick transitions. This keeps the heart rate up and leads to faster, better results. You’ll definitely leave my classes sweating

What you love most about your job?

I am inspired daily by our members. You really can’t beat the energy that fills the room of a full class at Elixr – I leave feeling so pumped! I love helping others realise their full potential and being a part of their fitness journey.

Your fitness philosophy?

For me, exercise has always been about feeling empowered. And to me, that’s feeling strong, feeling great and having the energy to live my day-to-day life to the absolute full.

5 songs guaranteed to be on your workout playlist?

Music totally helps my motivation, so I have House and dance music blasting through my headphones during a workout.

Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz

Home – Topic

This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris & Rihanna

Hurricane – Halsey

Don’t Be So Shy – Imany

What helps you feel your best?

Being active! From doing a Pilates class to going for a run along the coast, I am one of those people permanently in active wear. Rest and sleep is also important, so my body has the chance to recover and energise. I also adore travel and new experiences. And when all else fails, a few more coats of mascara make me feel like a new person!

Your favourite way to unwind?

I am a huge foodie! I unwind by eating out and enjoying an awesome meal with friends and family – I have a huge weakness for a good burger and a large glass of red wine. Also, being near the ocean brings me an inner peace and happiness.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

There are so many strong, independent female role models now. I follow so many positive, active, inspiring women on Instagram and the support from my girlfriends always inspires me. But external influences can only go so far – I try really hard to always look within and aim to be the best version of myself, both personally and professionally.

The greatest lesson life has taught you?

March to the beat of your own drum. Live the life that you want to lead and have no regrets. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn.