Level 2 Iyengar with Margaret

Discover a Deeper Practice at Our Level 2 Iyengar Class with Margaret Ceresoli

Aspiring participants must seek personal permission from Margaret to join due to the specialised nature of the Level 2 curriculum. This ensures that every attendee is aptly prepared, both physically and mentally, for the enriching journey ahead. This class combines supported postures with props and instruction taught in the traditional Iyengar method.

Delve into the enriching world of Iyengar Yoga with the guidance of our senior teacher, Margaret Ceresoli, at Elixr. Our exclusive Level 2 class, crafted for enthusiasts with a substantial foundation in Iyengar yoga, offers an avenue to deepen your practice and hone your techniques to perfection.

Details: Every Wednesday from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm

Requirements: Safety is our utmost priority. That’s why we recommend a minimum of two years of Iyengar yoga experience to join this class, ensuring that every student can enjoy the benefits of advanced yoga without risk of injury

About the Class: In this 90-minute session, Margaret will guide you through more advanced postures and breathing techniques, enhancing not only your physical well-being but nurturing your mental and spiritual growth. Every class is a journey of discovery, where traditional methods meet individual exploration, fostering a deeper connection with oneself.

About Margaret Ceresoli:

As a senior teacher, Margaret Ceresoli brings a wealth of knowledge and a nurturing teaching style to guide students to a higher level of practice. Her expert guidance ensures a safe and encouraging environment for all attendees, helping to refine your practice to an advanced level.

Why Choose This Class?

Advanced Techniques – Unlock new potentials in your practice through advanced asanas and pranayamas.

Personal Growth – Foster personal growth as you nurture not just the physical, but the mental and spiritual dimensions of your yoga practice.

Community Connection – Become a part of a community that shares your passion and dedication for Iyengar yoga.