May Highlights

New GRC classes
Good news, we’ve just added three GRC classes to our timetable.
Tuesday, 8am, Mandela Studio (Rachel)
Wednesday, 8am, Mandela Studio (Rachel)
Thursday, 8am, Mandela Studio (Jenn)

PLUS: We’re changing the times of our weekend GRC classes so that the afternoon classes occupy the same timeslots as our weekday classes. Starting from the 6th of May, you can join a class every Saturday and Sunday at 4pm, 4.45pm or 5.30pm.

And baby makes three!
Elixr yoga teacher Jacqui Zhao and her partner Ben are thrilled to announce the arrival of their first child in July and Jacqui is certainly making the most of her yoga practice to ensure she stays as comfortable as possible throughout her pregnancy.

“Physically, it has helped to ease tightness, relieve lower back pain and just generally keep me moving as my body undergoes daily changes. I’ve really enjoyed the journey of discovery as I’ve altered my practice over the months to accommodate new distributions of weight, changing shapes and sizes, and ever-differing energy levels. Your mind really buzzes with the physical and emotional changes going on each day, and all of the new unknowns, so a regular breath work and meditation practice has helped me to keep a calm mind (for the most part!) throughout this time.”

Congratulations, Jacqui and Ben! We look forward to meeting your little treasure.

Look who’s back
We’re delighted to have Marney back at reception in our Bondi Junction club on Sundays. Marney has been on maternity leave since January 2016 when she welcomed little Ayla into the family. Welcome back, Marns!

This is a friendly reminder to consider your fellow Elixr members by:
Using a sweat towel while you train.
Not speaking on your mobile phone in training areas.

Winter Yoga Retreat
Dreaming about escaping to warmer weather this winter? Elixr yoga teacher Martine Allars is hosting another of her restorative yoga retreats from 11–17 June, this time at Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach, near the Great Barrier Reef. Packages start at $1350 per person sharing and include yoga classes, accommodation, breakfast and dinner. You’ll find all the details and booking information here.

Support Cancer Council NSW in May

This month we’re donating every $10 joining fee* to Cancer Council NSW and we’re doing it for not one, but two reasons.

The first is that the 25th of May is Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and we can’t think of a more worthwhile event for everyone to support.

The second is that we support Cancer Council NSW in its efforts to spread the word that physical activity “can decrease the risk of developing cancer as well as improving cardiovascular fitness, maintaining bone mineral density and reducing stress.” Read more about how exercise can prevent cancer.