Meet Danny: Senior Yoga Teacher

What made you fall in love with yoga?

The sensations you have all over the body after a strong class.


How long have you been practising for?

I have been teaching yoga for more than twenty years.


Can tell us a little about the Synergy style and its benefits?

The Synergy ‘method’ of teaching and doing yoga can be applied to any ‘style’ of yoga. It allows each student to do a version of the asana suitable for their ability and experience. Our classes are progressive over a two month period so if you can commit to a regular class, you will learn a complete sequence.


How often do you recommend new students practice?

Twice a week is great and the benefits are in excess of double a single weekly practise. If you can do three classes per week – even better!


Is it ever too late to start yoga?

Never too late. As we progress through different stages of our lives, there are forms of yoga that benefit each stage.


What are some surprising benefits of consistent practice?

Increased strength and flexibility for sure. Increased body awareness – of your own and others. Awareness of breath increases and consequently a slowing of the breath. And after a while, clarity of a situation and a sense of calmness can be called upon when required.


Do you have a favourite pose? If so, what and why?

Eka pada galanasana. It is an asana requiring openness (hips), balance (arms), strength and a semblance of overall lightness. And when I have frustrations with my own practise, it is a pose that reminds me that I have some availability in each of those areas.


How and why did you become a teacher?

Initially I did the Yoga Synergy Teacher Training course to deepen my own knowledge and understanding. For me it was a natural progression to want to share that knowledge.


What makes you want to get on your mat?

Simply this – knowing how I’m going to feel after the practise.


Tell us the best piece of advice you have ever received about yoga?

It’s not the restrictions or limitations of your body that will hold you back, it’s the inflexibility of your mind.


What do you love about teaching at Elixr the most?

The whole Elixr experience is very warm and welcoming. The facilities are great and there is a big variety of teachings – all of a very high standard.