Meet Our New Pilates Instructors!

Shu (left), Warwick (middle), Imran (right)


Meet our three new Elixr Pilates instructors! Shu, Warwick and Imran bring a wealth of different experiences to the team and we are very excited to have them on board. You may have seen Shu and Warwick around as they have been long-term members at Elixr! Imran (we’re sure he doesn’t need an introduction by now) has previously taught Pilates in Spain and now further refined his knowledge and skills in Pilates at Elixr.

Did you know to become a Pilates instructors you need to have done over 160 hours of education at the Elixr School of Pilates followed by a rigorous audition and an additional training process with Pilates Director Rachel?

Elixr with the determination of its founder Richard Chew, has always strived to lead the world of Pilates in Australia. Elixr School of Pilates was established in 2005 to steer Pilates out of exercise misinformation and towards exercise science for effectiveness of Pilates exercises with safety in mind.

We asked our newbies a few fun questions:


How long have you been practicing Pilates for?

Shu: I have been practicing Pilates for 10 years.
Warwick: I started Pilates about 20 years ago.
Imran: I’ve been practicing Pilates for the last 10 years, but started to deepen into it on the last 5.


How were you first introduced to Pilates?

Shu: After a back injury, my physio suggested I needed to strengthen my core so I was looking for a Pilates studios, and a friend of mine happened to be a member at Elixr and referred me.
Warwick: I started Pilates to supplement my other exercise programmes. This has progressed to it now being my primary form of exercise.
Imran: I started attending Pilates Mat classes and felt that was an effective and safe form of training. I kept on going and 1 year later discovered Reformer. After not more than 2 years practicing, I decided to take my first Pilates course back in Barcelona.


What were you doing before you entered the Pilates world?

Shu: I worked in the financial markets, covering Japanese fixed income options & credit derivatives.
Warwick: I have recently finished working for the airlines as a flight attendant. I have been working in the fitness industry since the late 1980s casually, on and off. Being an aerobics instructor, step instructor and circuit instructor as well as a Pilates instructor. I did competitive aerobics in the early 1990s.
Imran: I’ve always been in the fitness industry and Pilates has been a big part of it.


What do you love most about Elixr?

Shu: The people – everyone has always been great to me. I love the club atmosphere, the classes and all the instructors have always been very helpful and encouraging.
Warwick: I enjoy Pilates at Elixr as it is accessible to all. It gives me the overall workout that I am looking for, and here at Elixr, the amount of classes and differing instructors allow for an excellent availability and variety of classes.
Imran: The environment, the people, the sense of community and how much fun I have when I’m teaching!


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Shu: If I’m not at Elixr I am probably playing or watching basketball somewhere.
Warwick: I watch Rugby Union, go to the theatre, movies, watch ballet, and enjoy food.
Imran: Probably doing my own training, preparing my classes or trainings or chilling at home with a good movie.