Meet Our Three New Yoga Instructors!

Meet Yvette!

1. You are so qualified! Can you tell us what we can officially call you?

Yvette the Acupuncturist that teaches yoga.

2. What’s your favourite type of yoga class and why?

I first started practicing yoga 30 years ago. I loved Ashtanga then. I loved the fluid movements of the vinyasa – the challenge and the feeling that I was in a beautiful dance. Then over the years my body suffered many injuries, and I was drawn to Iyengar. I loved the stillness, the alignment and the strength I gained in the poses. The props allowed me to achieve poses I was unable to do because of my previous injuries. Then I studied Acupuncture and from there immersed myself in Yin.

My favourite type of yoga class really depends on how my body is feeling. I practice some form of Iyengar most days. The long holds and the attention to detail within the pose is so necessary for my body, but some days I just need to do Yin to stop and nourish myself in silence. Of course, there are those days I need the action of Vinyasa.

That’s the beauty of yoga. If we practice with intelligence and listen to what our bodies are telling us, it’s accessible to us all.

3. What book are you reading right now?

Sports Medicine Acupuncture (An Integrated Approach Combining Sports Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine) by Matt Callison.

4. What is so special about Elixr for you?

The community.

5. In three words describe yourself

Curious, creative and compassionate.


Meet Idit!

1. You have been on the yoga path for a long time now. What keeps you inspired?

Yoga for me is everything. It is life. Yoga is always evolving. There is no final destination. The more I learn, practice and show up, the more I find the tools to move through less with less resistance and effort – with more grace and acceptance.

I cannot imagine my life without yoga and its wisdom. I am forever grateful for it being in my life, and to be able to share it with others.

2. What is your main focus in your teaching these days?

It is hard to narrow it down to one thing. But I feel my teaching has always been about empowering the individual to trust themselves more, to reconnect with their own body and spirit. My teachings are always a combination of the physical and the spiritual, and are more than just an Asana practice.

3. How does it feel to be part of the Elixr community?

Amazing. I love walking into this space, meeting new beautiful people that are interested in yoga and seeing the amazing teachers sharing all their knowledge and passion with all of us. It is a great privilege.

4. What is your favourite yoga cue?

Probably an invitation to explore, to rediscover the gifts hidden in curiosity, rather than the rigidity of agendas.

5. What was the last song you listened to?

These days I listen to my kids’ songs more than I hear mine. One of my favorites is Kothbiro/ Ayub Ogada


Meet Vicki!

1. You have done so much training. What is it about learning that you love so much?

As a teacher of movement I’m fascinated by the human body. A desire to learn more is something I’ve had since my first 200 hours over a decade  ago and I think any teacher should always be striving to continue their learning. We will never know everything, and there’s always something to dive into.

2. Who inspires you to do better?

My amazing teacher Tiffany Cruikshank, and my students who show up on their mats to practice and further grow their own knowledge.

3. How would you describe your classes?

You can expect a rounded class, that has balanced movements that make sense in your body. You can also expect to be challenged both physically, and mentally. My classes are never the same, and I like to bring on transitions and poses which take inspiration from various modalities of movement. Turn off your autopilot!

4. What do you love about teaching at Elixr?

The students! Our community is dedicated and consistent.

5. What was the last podcast you listened to?

Homo Sapien’s interview with Beth Ditto. I love Gossip and Alan Cumming’s accent reminds me of home (I’m actually Scottish, but left when I was very young!)