Meet The Team – Ploy

We have a new Pilates instructor on the Elixr team!

From doing Elixr Pilates as a member for over 7 years, Ploy’s passion and appreciation for the practice grew. She decided to take the leap and completed her studies through the Elixr School of Pilates and is now part of the team!

We asked Ploy a few questions about her journey with Pilates and why she chose Elixr School of Pilates….

Elixr: What began your interest in Pilates?

Where and when did you do your first class? I was looking into options for regular exercise when I left school and my parents suggested I try reformer Pilates.

My first class was actually at the Elixr Park St club, either with Rachel or Katharine (I can’t quite remember) in 2014 I think, so 8 years ago!

Elixr: What made you change from working in marketing to being a Pilates instructor?

I had taught HIIT, barre and Pilates whilst working full time, so it wasn’t the biggest transition to fully move into the health/fitness industry. It made sense to give up my full-time job to pursue something more flexible and aligned with my interests as I have also recently gone back to Uni this year.

Elixr: What did you enjoy the most about ESOP and what made you choose the course?

I chose to do my Pilates qualifications at Elixr as I knew Katharine from being a member and that she has a lot of experience and knowledge in both Pilates and exercise science. I loved ESOPs’ strong focus on technique and anatomy – I find that side of things really interesting!

Elixr: What do you love most about teaching Pilates? What do you think the main benefits of the discipline are?

The main thing I love about Pilates is that there is something for everyone in any given class. It has a bit of everything from head to toe and allows you to work on control, strength, mobility, stability, and coordination.  It’s one of the many things I do as part of my training and think it’s something we all should incorporate into our weekly routine.

Elixr: What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Apart from Pilates of course!

I love to go dance class, theatre jazz is my favourite. I also love musicals, watching live art is just incredible. And I love learning new skills and challenging my body in different ways, so I often enrol in to different types of classes.

Elixr: What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?

“Don’t die wondering”

People often talk about wanting to pursue something or wishing they could. It will never be a perfect time, and you’ll never have your ducks all in a row. Sometimes you just need to do it, so you don’t regret not having done anything in 5, 10, 20 years’ time.

Ploy will be teaching the following days and times:

  • Tuesday evenings: 4.15. 5, 5.45, 6.30pm
  • Friday evenings: 5.30, 6.15pm
  • Sunday mornings: 8, 8.45, 9.30, 10.15am

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