Member Profile: Trudy Weil

Trudy Weil is a remarkable woman – and not just because at the age of 82, she’s still training five times a week! And that’s in between caring for her husband, who was recently diagnosed with dementia.

This charming octogenarian, born in Vienna in 1934, has led a fascinating and at times incredibly difficult life, having escaped to Albania at the outbreak of the Second World War, (she was just five at the time), where she remembers, “running along the beaches looking for places to hide when the Germans were bombing. When the Germans invaded Albania, we fled to the mountains to hide.”

We sat down with Trudy recently to chat about her relationship with exercise and Elixr and ended up discovering a few more fascinating things about this spirited individual – like the fact that she started her own men’s clothing company and that she speaks English, German, Italian, and a sprinkle of French.

Tell us, Trudy, where did your fitness journey begin?
When I sold my business 20 years ago, I needed to redirect my energy to something else and I found that training at a health club was the perfect option. I think this club has everything going for it, and I always recommend it to other people. I really appreciate the caring nature of your team – I often see Richard and MJ coming over to help members with their technique – and I love talking to Talia and Marney at reception.

Our members often describe you as an inspiration. How does that make you feel?
It’s lovely to hear such kind words, but I think what I do is quite simple really. Exercise is essential for confidence, discipline, appearance and self-respect, and it keeps the doctor away! You can really tell by someone’s energy and posture whether they exercise or not.

Exercising regularly can be challenging. How do you stay motivated?
I really love coming into this club to train. The combination of activity and interacting with people from such diverse backgrounds is very stimulating. On days when I don’t feel like training, I always know I’ll feel better afterwards, and that gets me through the doors! I also eat very well. During the years I spent in Albania, we were forced to eat lots of garlic and cornbread, and I’ve maintained a healthy diet ever since. I find that my healthy eating keeps me motivated to exercise.