Member Spotlight – Trudy

Trudy is not only a dedicated, long-term member of Elixr but she is also celebrating her 90th birthday this month!

Trudy is someone we look up to, a kind, intelligent and insightful woman with a positive outlook on life. Richard Chew sat down with Trudy and asked her about her life adventures…

Elixr: When and why did you leave your country of birth?

Trudy: MARCH 1939 born a child of mixed religion (called a mishling by Hitler we had no choice to flee)

Elixr: How did you end up in Sydney and how did you adjust?

Trudy: Sponsored by an Aussie couple through an aunt from a displaced Unria camp Italy – via Albania

Elixr: How often do you train at Elixr and what is your regime?

Trudy: 4 times a week, 3 times Aqua aerobics once a special private trainer, MJ. It is a constant in my life

Elixr: What do you love most about Elixr?

Trudy: Elixr is what keeps me happy and focused. I love the people and it’s home for me. All the staff are respectful and smiling. What you put in is what you get back.

Elixr: What are your secrets to your healthy long life?

Trudy: Must keep an interest in all humans. Must respect and keep focused on all aspects of life. And above all, must keep yourself looking good and present confidence. Love the world. Go to dinner. Shows. And always look happy. No one likes a misery guts.

Elixr: What interesting thing would you like to tell us about your life?

Trudy: Life has been very hard for me and my parents. At age 6, I was thrown into a world of strange, very uncivilised country, Albania. I grew up with just cornbread and garlic. Bombs falling everywhere. My father was in the mountains with partisans and my mother was a cleaner for the German army, but we still survived.

Elixr: What life lessons would you like to share?

Trudy: Lessons from life are what make you a better person and ultimately who you are. My attitude in life is: be kind to everyone