Mother’s Day Celebration

In honour of our beautiful mums, we are hosting a morning of complimentary mini treatments at Elixr to pamper you and your mum. Bring your mum, or loved ones, into the club at 10am-12pm on Saturday 13 May. Experience a selection of holistic treatments from our in-house therapists, wellness drinks, plus discounts and special offers.

Join us for these special treats:

  • Sign up for a complimentary 15-minute massage with Shizuka Yamauchi, our in-house massage therapist
  • Put your name down for a complimentary treatment with Yvette Forbes and choose from Ear Seeding or Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis.
  • Enjoy wellness drinks and health supplements by Fit Nutrition and enter a competition to win a Mother’s Day hamper from Fit Nutrition worth over $300.

No need to book in advance, just turn up on the day and put your name down. Limited spaces available so get in early!

If your mum or guest is not yet an Elixr member, please use this link to refer them and they will receive a complimentary class and go in the draw to win a month free membership at Elixr.

Mini Treatments to choose from:

Massage with Shizuka

Shizuka has been a therapist for 6 years. She has a strong interest in looking after athletes by assisting their recovery through regular massage treatments.

It is her mission to “kaizen” or improve well-being through touch. She specialises in Remedial massage – or what she calls, results-based massage. Working on deep tissue and cupping therapy her specialities.

Shizuka is passionate about helping people that are invested in their fitness and already understand what’s going on with their body. If you notice something out of alignment during your favourite Pilates class or yoga asana, Shizuka is here to help.

You will also receive $50 off your initial massage if you book on the day.


Mini Treatments with Yvette 

Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

An essential diagnostic tool in Chinese Medicine, together they paint an effective picture of what is happening within the body.

The pulse has over 29 different pulse types. The diagnosis of the tongue is based on its appearance, colour, shape and texture.

By incorporating both systems it allows the practitioner to better understand the individual’s overall health.

 Ear Seeds – Auricular therapy

Originally all ear seeds came from the Vaccaria plant. The vaccaria plant is native to Eurasia and is also known as the prairie carnation. Today the vaccaria seed is still being used as well as metal-based beads.

In Chinese Medicine, the ear is seen as a microsystem of the whole body. There are points on the ears that can be stimulated and used for healing, this is auricular therapy.

Auricular therapy is a preferred treatment for children, the elderly and people that are sensitive to needles. Ear seeds are often used to extend the results of acupuncture treatment or when traveling.

Evidence on auricular therapy supports its efficacy for pain relief, anxiety, obesity, and in improving sleep quality.

You will also receive 30% off your next treatment if you book in with Yvette on the day.