New Massage Therapist! Welcome Shizuka

Shizuka has been an Elixr member for almost 2 years. Her regular Pilates visits are keeping her strong and energised!

Shizuka has been a therapist for 6 years. She has a strong interest in looking after athletes by assisting their recovery through regular massage treatments.

Elixr: What made you pursue your career as a Remedial Massage Therapist?

To be honest, I did not think of pursuing this career as an option. I was brought up with typical Asian expectations that I will have to become either a Doctor or a Lawyer, otherwise I’m a “failure”. I initially obeyed and took the first path, and completed my Medical Science degree at University of Sydney. It was not until I lost motivation to study any further and one day a close high school friend of mine told me that I have gifted hands. He reminded me of the days I would give out massages after lunch before class to boys, covered with sweat after playing hard-core basketball. It was not until after an undergrad degree and dropping out of a couple of masters degrees that I decided to take an Introductory Massage course. Ever since, I’ve never looked back.

It is now my mission to “kaizen” or improve your well-being through touch.

Never would I have imagined giving out casual seated massages at school would lead to me where I am today. Besides, I cannot sit still in a chair! It is a privilege to call Elixr my second home where I can both train and work.

Elixr: Our Elixr members would love to try your massage. What sort of massage do you offer?

Remedial massage – or what I call, result-based massage. Working on deep tissue and cupping therapy are my special techniques. I love looking after those who are heavily invested into their fitness, as they have a great understanding of what’s going through their body already. If you notice anything out of alignment during your favourite pilates class or yoga asana, I am here to rectify that.

If you are open to sharing your goals or intentions with your health journey, please do so as I love hearing them! Whether it may be as simple as, keeping themselves sane from crazy hours of working from home, or my favourite story I shared on Instagram (@kaizenrmt) is a 70 year old father wanting to make sure he can go out on walks with his only daughter, without being told that he walks slow. I find it beautiful to hear each and every person’s story about why they want to stay well. The more I understand your personal story, the more personalised treatment I can offer you.

Elixr: What is your go-to class here at the health club?

I am mainly here to do Reformer pilates. I have tried every pilates instructor’s class and they are all great! You will find me either early mornings, running into Katrina’s class or usually Friday evening classes with Prudence or Katharine. I used to (and still sometimes) go to Terri’s Iyengar class every Thursday as it feels amazing being up-side down like a spider man!

Elixr: We only have quality instructors at Elixr and it is great to hear you enjoy their classes. Can you share with us what you enjoy doing outside of work and exercise?

As much as I enjoy doing all these exercises, I love cooking Asian food – mainly Japanese. I love the congee that I cook whenever I feel depleted – it re-energises me so efficiently after having a food coma and a good night’s sleep. If I decide to take time off to travel overseas, I tend to stay on islands or anywhere we could scuba dive. Any divers out there, please show me the picture of a nudibranch you have – I will give you an extension to your next massage treatment if it beats mine!

Thank you Elixr for having me on-board. I cannot wait to serve you all and hear your fitness goals so I can assist you with regular massage treatment. Please say hi if you see me on the floor and make sure to take advantage of the introductory offer (limited time only).

Shizuka would like to provide Elixr members with $50 off their initial massage! For a limited time only. Offer ends 30 April 2023.