No Make Up Policy

e receive the occasional query about make up lessons, so we thought we’d provide some clarity on our policy. While we do offer medical credits (and you can read more about them at the end of the article), we don’t conduct make up lessons – and here’s why:

1. Our swim school has full classes and it would be very difficult to find a make up class that not only has space available but that also suits your schedule. If a number of children needed to make up missed lessons, this would soon become an admin nightmare for all involved.

2. Children often become accustomed to a particular class and teacher. If we place them in a class with a different teacher, we may end up with an unhappy child and a stressful situation for all.

3. When different children drop into a class each week, it can affect the dynamics. They may need more of the teacher’s attention or may need to be coaxed into the water – which means that less time and attention can be spent on the rest of the regular class.

4. Our staff are booked for each specific class and work regardless of any cancelled lessons, and we still need to pay them even if lessons are missed.

Medical credits
We will credit your account if you are away for three or more weeks in a row for medical reasons and you have a doctor’s certificate. This credit will be deducted from the following term’s fees. If you cancel lessons for the following term, the credit will stay on your account as these fees are non-refundable.