Nutrigenomic Testing

What is nutrigenomics?

Simply put, nutrigenomics looks at the role genetics plays in determining the diet we should follow, and the lifestyle and exercise choices we should make, in order to achieve optimal health. There is now enough research and scientific evidence to suggest that our genes will determine these factors and that we can utilise this information to create informed decisions so we can maintain health as we age.

What is nutrigenomic testing?

Nutrigenomic testing utilises the findings from a genomic review to help implement a long-term preventative health strategy that is personalised based on your genetic make-up.

Nutrigenomic testing is particularly helpful in uncovering the body’s ability to methylate and also evaluating inflammatory response.

Firstly, Methylation is an essential biochemical process responsible for every development in the body from clearing hormones to the regulation of your DNA. Our ability to methylate makes us more susceptible to chronic disease states.

Secondly, given that inflammation has been proven to play a key role in chronic disease states, being tested can again help reduce your risk of developing certain diseases.

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Who should consider nutrigenomic testing?

If you’re experiencing chronic ill health, brain fog, exhaustion or PMS symptoms and have a family history of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or osteoporosis, genomic testing can help you establish the root cause of the problem. Genomic testing is also recommended for anyone planning to start a family as it provides the best nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental regime, ensuring a healthy conception and foetus.

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