Katharine Millard is a pioneer in the Australian Pilates industry and has taught Pilates for 25 years. She is the creator and Course Director of the Elixr School of Pilates, the home for aspiring Pilates instructors and enthusiasts.

Katharine is a quiet achiever. She is not the kind of person that will tell you that she was one of the first to teach Pilates in a group setting in Australia. This was revolutionary and marked the rise of the popularity of Pilates in this country.

Katharine wrote the Elixr School of Pilates course and many other schools have emulated her course and manuals. The teachings have evolved and are backed by science and the expertise of someone who has taught thousands of classes.

Katharine in Performing Art School 1991

Learn more about her journey and why she is so passionate about Pilates, and why she remains a mainstay of Pilates at Elixr.

When did you start training in Pilates?

When I was 16 years old at Performing Arts School, I would do 1 or 2 mat classes a week to warm up before our Contemporary dance class, and one private studio session to complement my dance training.

What Pilates courses have you done?

I have completed four Internationally recognised comprehensive Pilates courses, STOTT, BASI, Polestar and a Physio Pilates Rehabilitation course.

What university degrees do you have?

A master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, BA (Dance) Degree and Diploma of Education.

What did you do with your dance and PE degrees?

I performed in various commercial dance shows in Sydney and taught Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop in quite a few different dance studios. I taught PDHPE and Dance in high schools for 6 years.

What inspired you to leave teaching at a school to focus on teaching Pilates?

I wanted to do a job I really enjoyed, and it was a natural progression from teaching dance classes to teach Pilates.

I always loved the fitness industry, but I didn’t want to teach aerobics, even though I really liked aerobics. So, I was glad when Pilates became a class that was taught in health clubs, which was a positive place to work. This was back in the day when group reformer classes didn’t exist, so it was just mat Pilates and teaching in small boutique Pilates studios.

How and why did you come up with creating the Elixr Pilates courses?

I wanted to bring together my knowledge and experience and create a course that I believed in, that taught the traditional Pilates exercises and others that were useful and beneficial for people whether in a group environment or a private session.

In the Elixr courses, you don’t just learn the various Pilates exercises in detail, but we teach you how to teach and put everything together, how to create a lesson plan and how to modify for people’s injuries etc.

What do you offer as a trainer at Elixr?

Private Pilates training, personal training on the gym floor, instructor training, fitness testing: skinfold, flexibility, cardio and strength testing, personalised exercise programs for chronic injuries, technique correction, posture assessments, one one-on-one stretching.

What brings you joy when teaching Pilates classes and when teaching personal Pilates training sessions?

I like seeing people have a good time and I enjoy encouraging people to exercise, get moving and do something positive and good for themselves that can bring happiness and many physical and mental health benefits.

It is rewarding to see people gain strength and confidence on the gym floor and improve their technique and reach their goals, whether in Pilates or weight training.  Everyone can benefit from doing a few private sessions to work on improving their posture and refining their skills. The key is to be consistent in your training and exercise regularly.

Favourite holiday destinations?

Italy, Greek Islands and Thailand.

What was your favourite overseas trip with Rachel, Head of Pilates and Richard, Elixr Founder?

They have all been amazing! Getting to experience an African Safari was very special, plus seeing Machu Picchu.

Rachel and Katharine visiting Machu Picchu

Katharine, Richard and Rachel visiting an African Safari

What’s your favourite food?

I love Mediterranean food.

Favourite restaurant?

China Doll.

Favourite wine?


Favourite music?

I like all types of music but enjoy playing some of the classic 80’s hits.

What would our members be surprised to hear about you?

I am an identical twin, and my sister also teaches Pilates!

Katharine and her twin sister Elisabeth in Sydney

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KathARINE’s Bio

Katharine Millard is the Course Director and Senior Instructor at Elixr Health Clubs. Katharine holds a master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, BA (Dance) Degree and Diploma of Education. She has completed four internationally recognised comprehensive Pilates courses, STOTT, BASI, Polestar and a Physio Pilates Rehabilitation course.

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