Personal Trainer Profile: MJ

Elixr personal trainer MJ (otherwise known as Michael Jeffreys) may have worked in the fitness industry since 1993, but his love affair with exercise – martial arts in particular – began way back at the tender age of 14.

Many years and a black belt in Karate later, MJ, who also has numerous bouts under his Thai kickboxing belt, is helping Elixr members get their kicks in his classes. We caught up with him recently and here’s what he had to say:

What do you love most about Thai kickboxing?

It’s a highly technical sport that involves agility, focus, observation and the want to win. I’ll always remember someone describing it as ‘chess with pain’.

What is your fitness philosophy?

I was inspired by a quote I came across at the University of Nebraska and have adopted it as my own: ‘Run, stretch and lift if you dare to be great.’ I’m also of the opinion that we should just get up and move.

What does your perfect day look like?

A good night’s sleep starting at nursing home hours followed by a very early start to get the jump on the day.

How do you stay motivated?

Sydney real estate prices! And the opportunity to have a wardrobe that is 70% lycra.

What are your top three exercise tips?

The hardest part of any training is getting to the gym. So, my top three tips are simply this: get there, get there and get there.

What makes your classes unique?

No political correctness and very little taste.

What is your favourite exercise equipment?

The human body – it’s the most incredible machine in the universe.

What do you recommend for those clients who have very little time to train?

You have one life and one body. This is not a rehearsal. This is it.

What do you get a kick out of doing?

Helping people laugh.

How do you unwind?

Comics, cats and spending time with my love.

If you want to check out one of MJ’s Kickboxing classes offered at Elixr, book here at elixr.com.au/trial