Pilates On The Go

Whether you’re travelling for work or fun, there’s no need to put your training routine on hold. Here’s a short, travel-friendly Pilates mat routine designed to strengthen, keep you mobile, and get your heart rate up.

Exercise 1
10 squats with arm reaches. Make sure your knee caps track your second toes.

Exercise 2
Roll down to a plank, holding for 30 seconds if you can. Gently contract your abs and glutes, while keeping your shoulders stable.

Exercise 3
Separate your feet and stack your hips and shoulders into a side plank. Hold for 20 seconds on each side. Keep your working shoulder stable.

Exercise 4
Five push-ups. Modify your planks and push-ups by putting your knees down.

Exercise 5
Lower yourself onto your stomach for swimming preparation. Legs wide and turned out, arms reaching in front of you. This is about back and hip extension, keeping your pelvis neutral.

Exercise 6
Enjoy a full back extension, squeezing your glutes and keeping your shoulders down and wide.

Exercise 7
Have a quick cat stretch, my favourite exercise for spinal mobility, and a thread the needle – two to each side.

Exercise 8
Flip yourself onto your back for some abdominal work – 12 ab curls, 6 single leg extensions to each side and combine them both for 20 reps of a single leg stretch. Neutral pelvis is key in this set.

Exercise 9
Do three hip rolls and on your third rep, a set of 10 hip lifts – these are great for the glutes.

Exercise 10
Roll to one side and up onto your knees for a hip flexor stretch to each side.

Exercise 11
Press up to a pike, lengthening through the back body. Bend your knees, walk your hands to your feet and roll up, keeping your knees bent.

Exercise 12
Have a side stretch to each side then repeat this routine twice.

• Remember your gentle abdominal contraction throughout the routine, and your neutral pelvis position.
• If you’re doing your mat Pilates first thing in the morning, take it a bit slower to warm the body up.
• Happy travels!

Elixr recommends pregnant ladies do not do mat Pilates.

Katrina is a graduate of the Elixr School of Pilates. In 2015, she quit her corporate career to become a full-time teacher. Katrina is also the Elixr Education and Courses Manager and an ESOP teacher trainer.