Pilates One-On-One: Strengthen Your Foundations

Mastering the foundational principles of Pilates is the key to building a strong practice and increasing your confidence in the discipline. And our one-on-one private lessons are the best place to gain a solid understanding of them. Here, our expert instructors can take you back to basics or take you further to more advanced exercises, so that you can put the correct technique in place and see the results.

Pilates one-on-one is ideal for anyone who is:
•         New to Pilates Reformer
•         Wanting to refine their technique
•         Recovering from an injury or back pain
•         Wanting to take their Pilates practice to the next level

Interested? Email Elixr Pilates Director Rachel Crompton at rachel@elixr.com.au and she will be in touch to match you with the right instructor