Pilates Reformer: Tone your Bum and Arms


Whether you’re curvier than Kim K or rocking Miranda Kerr’s derrière, feeling body confident is important and contributes to a healthy and positive mindset. Pilates reformer is a challenging and intense whole body workout focusing on core stabilisation and muscle strength. It is an excellent way to tighten, strengthen and lift, especially if you’re aiming for a toned bum and sculptured arms.

Here’s a quick look at what the exercises featured in the video below can do for you:

One of my personal favourites, this exercise targets your lower body. Single leg work not only strengthens the legs and glutes, giving you the muscle definition you’re after, but also improves pelvic stability, balance and coordination.

These thoroughly engage the lower body, strengthening quadriceps, hamstrings, calf and gluteal muscles. Squats are a functional exercise that help maintain mobility and can even help you run faster.

This exercise targets the Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius, two of the three muscles that make up the gluteal muscle group.

Arm exercises
Resistance training is key to getting shapely, toned arms and Pilates reformer can offer you just that. Exercises such as the kneeling tricep press, kneeling bicep curl and hug a tree focus on strengthening your arms and shoulders while your core muscles contract to stabilise the pelvis and spine as the bed moves. Core, arm and shoulders targeted at once – what’s not to love?

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