Pilates Technique: Tips To Help You In Reformer Class

Are you making these common mistakes in class? Here’s what not to do on the reformer!

1. Trying to look forward or up (overusing your neck) during moves like cat stretch, plank, knee stretch, squat, lunge and long box work. Instead, keep your neck in alignment with your spine.

2. Destabilising your shoulders by shrugging or rounding. This happens in countless exercises but we often see it in plank when someone is fatigued – even in the most technically proficient participants. If you’re feeling fatigued during class, always opt for a break to reset and correct your technique.

3. Popping your rib cage. If this is part of your posture, you’ll probably need to correct for this in every single exercise. Instead, focus on drawing your rib cage down and toward your pelvis.

4. Leaning forward and/or rounding your shoulders and upper spine when on short box side facing. Instead, lean in a straight line, keeping your head and spine in line with your ankle.

5. Rocking your pelvis and losing neutral spine shape during Feet in Straps. To make sure your pelvis remains stable, always opt for a break to reset and correct your technique.


The key to performing exercises correctly is to set them up well. Listen to the instructor’s cues and translate them into your body before the exercise starts – this will help you to minimise mistakes and maximise results.


About Jenn
Jenn has over 15 years’ experience in the practice of Pilates. Her enjoyable, but challenging classes offer a full body workout that focuses on increasing muscular strength and flexibility, improving mobility and stability of joints, and reducing back pain, neck tension, and stress.

If you are interested in developing your technique further with a one-on-one Pilates training session, contact Jenn on jenndejesus@yahoo.com or 0414 064 701.