Play By The Rules


Play by the rules
We’ve put the following rules in place to make life easier, and more importantly, safer, for all our swim school members.Thank you for reading and sticking to them!

Caps and goggles
It is compulsory for all children, except those in our Parent & Baby classes, to wear a cap and goggles to each lesson. We have a ‘no cap, no swim’ policy to protect our pool filters. Latex caps are available from reception while material caps can be bought from Speedo. Remember to show your blue membership tag at Speedo for a 10% discount on any item in store.

Change rooms
While we understand that it may be warmer to change your children next to the pool, there is a poolside change area as well as a disabled/family change room that we encourage all parents to use. While the main club change rooms can be used, please be mindful of the age appropriateness of dressing children in areas where other adult members are getting changed.

Gym equipment
Playing on gym equipment is not safe for small children. To avoid injury, please do not let your children touch or try out the equipment.

Unattended children
No children will be allowed to attend swimming lessons without a parent present – not even in squads. All parents must be poolside or, if you are a member, in the pool or spin or cardio area, where we can see you. Our reception team and swim teachers have been instructed that they may not allow children into the club or class if there is no parent present.

Band aids
There have been an alarming number of band aids floating in the pool recently. If your child is wearing one and it looks as though it may come off in the pool, please remove it before the start of the lesson – we’d prefer to not have to fish it out later!

Blue tags
Children must be swiped into the club with a blue tag prior to each swim lesson. If your child does not have a blue tag, please chat to our reception team.

Pram bay
You are welcome to bring your pram into the pool area. However, if you prefer to leave it in the club, please ensure that it is left in the corridor between the main change room and the pool, close up against the wall. This way, it won’t block the disabled lift, squat rack or lockers.

Sick kids
To ensure that our swimming instructors stay healthy and are able to make all your child’s lessons – this is key for consistency – and that no other children get sick, please keep your child at home if he or she has had any of the following symptoms 24 hours prior to a lesson: fever, green snot, a moderate to severe cough, vomiting, hand foot and mouth, impetigo, conjunctivitis, cold sores, a headache, rash, earache, respiratory symptoms or diarrhoea. If your child has had chickenpox, please do not bring them back to lessons until all the scabs have fallen off. If they have just started a course of antibiotics, please wait a day or two before letting them rejoin the class. If you child has a cut or scrape that is bleeding, please keep them at home. If you are in doubt about whether or not to bring your child to a lesson, please feel free to give us a call on 8113 1109 or email us at swimschool@elixr.com.au.

Make Ups
Elixr Swim School has a No Makeup Lessons Policy.

Including that from any device taking an image (photos/ video) cameras, video cameras, mobiles phones, ipads, laptops is not permitted without requesting permission from the swim school and or club manager. Photographs if allowed are only to be taken of your child and should include no other children in the photograph without parental permission from the children’s parents (including in the background of the photo).