Secrets to Healthy Ageing: Nutritionist Special Offer

Our bodies are armed with protective and repair mechanisms to reduce cellular damage which results in ageing. These metabolic pathways are further damaged by unhealthy food choices, stress, lack of exercise, amongst other factors.Mogestri

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of cells. These organelles are the key energy sources for our bodies as they are responsible for converting the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe into energy. Poor functioning mitochondria result in oxidative damage to our cells. Basically, oxidation can be compared to rust on metal or the brown discolouration that forms on a cut apple as well as wrinkles that form on our skin.

Ill-functioning mitochondria thereby increase cellular damage on every cell in our body, including our brain. A very early symptom is a reduced metabolism which results in fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, pain and rapid ageing.

Thankfully, there are many protective mechanisms that can be employed to reduce this downward spiral.

The first defence which we can all adopt to delay cellular ageing is to ensure our diets are nutrient-rich- include a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables on your plate, avoid processed and unhealthy sources of fats, manage stress, exercise, and move daily, practice deep breathing and ensure a soundful sleep.

Further measures include ensuring our gut inhabitants are kept happy and balanced by including foods rich in prebiotic fibres and fermented foods such as kefir and sauerkraut.

Mother’s Day Special Offer: 

  • $90 30 min consultation including a Metascreen analysis to assess cellular health, body fat, muscle mass, hydration status as well as ideal levels based on your lifestyle and goals
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