The Elixr Pilates Difference

Pilates is Pilates is Pilates, right? If you’ve ever taken an Elixr Pilates class, you’ll know the answer is a resounding ‘No’. Here’s a look at why…

The Start of Elixr

In 2002, Richard Chew opened the doors of Elixr Park Street in Sydney’s CBD. The first mind body studio of its kind, Elixr’s offering centred around two core programs, Pilates and yoga, presented in a tranquil training environment that promised to energise the body and calm the mind.

Determined that his new health club should offer nothing short of best-of-the-best Pilates classes to Sydney’s health and fitness community, Richard contacted reputable physiotherapists, anatomists and exercise science lecturers for their input. The result: an up-to-date Pilates style that builds strength through safe, effective exercises based on a unique combination of:

  • The classical training of Joseph Pilates, who created the discipline in the 1920s.
  • The science-based findings of Professor Stuart McGill, who has dedicated over 30 years of his life to researching and understanding the lower back, and advised everyone from elite athletes to governments and corporations.
  • The exercise science of Functional Movement Screen (FMS), which is used to identify asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns.

Richard’s quest for excellence didn’t end there. Determined that the Elixr team should include only the most qualified and committed instructors, he teamed with Pilates Education Author Katharine Millard, who has a Masters in Exercise Science, to create a curriculum for the Elixr School of Pilates – an educational institution that develops capable Pilates instructors with a sound understanding of exercise.

Why should you choose Elixr Pilates?

  • Elixr Pilates is designed to strengthen your core, tone your muscles and improve your balance and posture. And whether you opt for a Mat or Group Reformer class, you’ll find that both deliver a total body workout designed to improve the way you live your life.
  • Elixr Pilates adheres to the latest research in exercise science as Elixr Education Manager and Pilates instructor, Katrina Ward explains: “Elixr Pilates works with some of the best in the world, among them Dr Stuart McGill and Functional Movement Systems, to ensure that we provide a safe form of exercise for everybody.”
  • Focus on safety is a key aspect of the Elixr Pilates approach: “As important as it is that each member leaves my class having worked every muscle in their body, it’s also crucial that the workout is safe,” says Katrina Ward.
    Elixr Pilates Director Rachel Crompton agrees: “Safety is always number one. We teach correct posture and alignment to prevent injuries and all exercises with load are only taught in neutral spine.”
  • Elixr Pilates is also recognised for its highly qualified and experienced team of instructors. Motivated by a single common goal – to make a positive difference to the lives of each person they teach – each member of the team brings their own unique quality to the classes they teach and provides expert guidance as they energise, uplift and inspire. For this team, teaching isn’t a job, but a passion.

Ready to give Elixr Pilates a go? There’s plenty to look forward to as Rachel explains: “Elixr Pilates isn’t boot camp with a ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy. It’s a fun, full body workout for people of all ages, aimed at improving your experience of everyday living.”

If you’d like to find out more about Elixr’s Pilates Mat and Reformer classes, sign up for a FREE trial today.