Well-being at Elixr with Mogestri Pather

This year has been a trying year for us all. The pandemic has shown us how important is to look after our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Ultimately, our health is what enables us to live long and prosperous lives.

At Elixr, is it our mission to ensure our members have access to not only the highest quality facilities, classes, and instructors, but valuable wellness resources that can enhance their well-being.

We are so lucky to have Mogestri Pather on board as our in-house nutritionist, specialising in nutrition and general well-being coaching.

Mogestri practices as a clinical nutritionist, utilizing functional tools to undercover the drivers of chronic disease and imbalance. Her knowledge in the wellness industry is vast and she is well-practised in developing nutrition and well-being programs that suit her client’s unique needs.Mogestri advises that wellness is not indicative of overall health – you may eat a seemingly healthy diet rich in whole foods and yet, still display signs of mental imbalance, or you may exercise daily but consume a diet that is full of highly processed and inflammatory foods. She can help you uncover areas in your life that might need more care and attention.

Mogestri is kindly offering the following for all new clients:

• For the next two months, comprehensive consultations are only $139 (usually $150).

During the lockdown, we did not have access to valuable wellness resources. Now that we can welcome Elixr members back with open arms, members can take advantage of having them at their fingertips.


Look after yourself and get in touch with Mogestri to book in.

Phone: 0414 650 515

Email: nutrition@elixr.com.au