Why Our Learning Environment Is Special

Here are four reasons why Elixr Swim School is at the forefront of our industry!

1. Our carefully designed program
Our program has been developed over the course of 25 years – and our swimmers reap the benefit of the knowledge and experience we’ve gained through many years of teaching and research. We focus on all four strokes and teach our swimmers to be as efficient as possible in the water.

2. Our small classes
We pride ourselves on our small class sizes which allow us to tailor our classes and create optimal learning environments for our swimmers. We have always maintained class sizes that are under the national limit set by AUSTSWIM – and while this does mean that we’re often fully booked in the 3–7 age group, we are simply not prepared to compromise on this key benefit of the swim school.

3. Our qualified instructors
To teach children under four years of age to swim, you need to have an Infant and Preschool qualification. Many swim schools don’t insist that their staff have this qualification, at Elixr, all of our staff who teach these age groups are required to have the appropriate qualifications and training. Our teachers have a wealth of experience in teaching all age groups and are very proactive in keeping up to date with research and developments in the industry.

4. Our passionate team
Most of our staff have been with us for over five years, which is not all that common in our industry. While we have had many fantastic teachers who have moved on over the years, we are pleased to say that over 75% of our staff have been with us for more than the above-mentioned five years.