Why You Need A PT This Winter

With daylight saving over and the temperature starting to dip, it’s incredibly tempting to put your slipper-clad feet up and take things easy. The fact is that rather than slowing down your training, now’s the time to step it up a gear because before you know it, it’ll be time to get that bikini body out on Instagram again!

So, how do you make the most of the winter months?

Being the creatures of habit we so often are, most of us will simply stick to what we’ve always done, when what we should really be doing is training as effectively and efficiently as we can.

That’s where a good personal trainer can have a huge impact on your training routine and results. He or she will ensure that your goals are clearly defined and will educate, motivate and support you on your journey towards achieving them.

Step 1: We find a starting point
Part of the personal training assessment we carry out at Elixr is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, the FMS is a system that allows us to assess your balance, stability, movement, strength and endurance, and identify any imbalances, weaknesses, asymmetries and movement restrictions in your body – issues that can affect your ability to train, get physically fit and achieve the results you’re after.

Step 2: We create a plan for you
Based on your results we select the most effective exercises to restore proper movement and increase your strength. Where necessary, we also remove any activities that may be harming your body. Once balance has been established, movement becomes easy. And when movement is easy, it’s pain free. Being able to move without pain also means we are four times more likely to achieve our goals.

Step 3: We help you build a strong core
A strong core is vital as it stabilises the spine and pelvis and helps our trunks move safely in different planes and perform any activity from getting up from a chair to playing with the kids and running a marathon.

Step 4: We maximise your strength and tone
We’re here to help you achieve goals that you didn’t think were possible; to help you get stronger, move faster, look better, and feel happier.

Achieve your fitness goals with a personal trainer
Keen to discover more about Elixr personal training and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals? Contact PT manager Andy at pt@elixr.com.au to find the right trainer for you.